2010 Class Action Suit Against Chase Bank

1/4/2010 - Beaufort, SC

William B. Harvey, III, of Harvey & Battey, P.A., and co-counsel Richard Harpootlian, of Richard Harpootlian, P.A., have filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of the plaintiffs in the District of South Carolina, Rowles, et al., v. Chase Home Finance, LLC., et al. (Click to view the Amended Complaint.)

The lawsuit alleges that Chase violated the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). In these initial stages, the individual plaintiffs in the case are as follows:

1. Captain Jonathan Rowles, USMC (denied the 6% interest cap while deployed);

2. Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Letts-Smith, USA(reserve) (foreclosed on while serving in Iraq); and

3. Lance Corporal Martin Hupfl (automobile installment loan was terminated and placed into collections while he was in basic training).

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